Matthew Hoskins

*Midterm Design Navigation*

All of the designs made in class can either be found on the page labeled “Gallery of All Designs” or by selecting the images in the gallery on the right side of each webpage. The advertisement analysis designs can be found on the page titled “Advertisement Analysis Blog” or by selecting the designs in the gallery located on the right side of each webpage. The explanations for the classwork designs can be found in the descriptions of each of the gallery items. My thoughts on the advertisement analysis blog designs are located in each image’s description in the gallery or my thoughts are also written out for each design on the “Advertisement Analysis Blog” webpage.

Everything needed for the midterm review should be relatively easy to find since all of the designs are located in the two galleries on the right side of every page. Once again, to see the explanation of how I made the classwork designs or my thoughts on the advertisement analysis blog designs select the design from the gallery to view the description.

Salad Man

Salad Man

This design was made in class and it was made using Adobe Photoshop. There was an original image with a blank melon and all of the pieces separate so we could work on selecting the items and place them on separate layers using the circle tool and holding shift option for the blueberries and carrots to size it correctly. The nose was selected using the lasso tool. The ears and eyebrows were selected with the magic wand tool. The bow tie was selected using the polygonal lasso tool. The hat and mouth were selected using the magnetic lasso tool, and finally the blank melon was singled out using the crop tools Photoshop has. After all of the face pieces are on separate layers you just place them where you want them to be on the melon and then use the crop tool to delete the pieces of the original image you do not need anymore. Save it as a PSD file for the layers to remain apart.

City design made in class

City design made in class

Made in class using Adobe Illustrator. I used the perspective tool to design this city in correct perspective. The trees are shapes I found in illustrators libraries. The road is a simple grey gradient. The sky is a simple gradient and the clouds were also found in a shape library in Illustrator. The windows were added with the perspective selection tool and they are made with the square shape and simple gradients. The building that are farther away I messed with their opacity to make them seem like they are vanishing.